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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden. Directed by Ian Brown, West Yorkshire Playhouse.

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"Savannah Stevenson stands out as the feisty maid Martha, not least for her execution of a lilting song-and-skipping number. "
The Independent, Reviewed by Lynne Walker.

"But the acting is as good as usual at this address, with Savannah Stevenson particularly appealing as a maid who accepts spoilt little Mary’s outrageous insults with perky resilience."
Times, Reviewed by Benedict Nightingale.

"But for me it was the performance of Savannah Stevenson as Martha the house assistant that really stood out strong, with a great stage presence and a cheeky Yorkshire lilt it was hard not to watch her engaging and enigmatic performance."

"Jayne Wisener as young Mary Lennox, James Gillan as the supposedly crippled Colin and Thomas Aldridge as the outdoor boy Dickon are all magnificent, as is Savannah Stevenson who plays Martha the maid."
The Stage, Reviewed by Kevin Berry